Shipping is only "in cab" with our own personal courier.
extremely capable, personal courier.  The pups are carried on the
plane with our courier, in an appropriate carrier and are handed, in
person, to the new owner(s) at the destination airport.
must be issued
Airline Guidelines:
All puppies must be at least 8 weeks of age in order to fly.
Many puppies awaiting their new homes leave my kennel via air
transport.  I will make every effort to ensure a safe, secure, stress
free journey by following a careful pre-flight procedure of
preparing the puppy for shipping.  Then placing my pup in the
hands of our
I will ship my pups, usually, around 9 - 10 weeks of age, depending
on their size.  
I will make all shipping arrangements for the puppy and notify you
via email and phone of the:  date of shipping, flight number and
time schedule of the flight.
Note:  Flight schedules are subject to change without notice.  In
the event of this happening I will notify you immediately of the
Shipping Is:
  $400.00  and is to be paid in full before the puppy
is shipped.
Included in the price along with the Plane Ticket is:

**A health record, including shot record & worming dates
**AKC registration application forms
**Special Toy and Nuvet Supplement
**Health Check from veterinarian
these will be carried by the courier and handed, in person, to
the new owner(s).
If you prefer, you may make all your own shipping arrangements, on your end and
pay the courier yourself when your pup arrives.  This is subject to my being able to
meet the courier at my Airport. Please contact us for more information.