Customer Reviews
He is so cute! I love Yoshi, he’s a sweetie!

Ms Boo got her rabies shot last month and she got a bath last
night too! She is SO soft. Thank you for my wonderful little bundle
of joy; I will continue to update you and hope you do the same.

Anna Cash

Hello Karlene,
Just wanted to let you know, my baby boy josie has finally filled
the holes in my heart. my husband tells me that i spoil him
"rotten."  he likes baby talks and has recognized the words
"cookie" and "night-night."  baby boy will join the residents on
xmas day. we have promised the residents that josie (in a
playpen) will spend the morning with them in the activity room.  
his regular visit will begin the 3rd week of nov.
My husband and I just love this little boy so much and he knows it

Thanks, Grace

Hi Karlene,

I just wanted to send you some updated photos of Abby!
We are enjoying her soooo much!  She is so cute and sweet!
She's also a little mischief maker!  She loves to take off
running around in the back yard having one of us chase her.
She loves the cat and they run and play together.  She and
Molly, the dog, sometimes play when Molly decides to.
She is doing well with her potty training and has already
learned to sit, kiss, and go to the door when you say
"wanna go out?"  She is so smart!

Thanks Judy


Izzy is doing very well. She really is a fast learner. She goes into
her crate on her own, she's walking on the harness, and she
hasn't pooped in the house! She's had a few pee accidents but
overall she's been pretty good about holding it to go outside. The
vet said she looked good and she got her kennel cough vaccine.
So far things are going great. I brought her over my girl friend's
house last night for a little get together and all the ladies
absolutely adored her. Everyone was holding her and playing with
her the whole night. They thought she was the sweetest thing.
Izzy was all tuckered out by the time we got home.  :-)


I really want you to know that we love Cody very much and he is
very happy to rule these humans that he lives with.  He is very
affectionate and will give all the kisses I ask for and some that I
don't even have to ask for. God has blessed us by sending us to
you for him and we thank Him and you.
Love,  Peggy, Tommy, and Cody

Hi I don't know if you remember me but my name is Amber and I
just adopted Brother Bear from you, and i just wanted to give you
one of many updates to come, He is doing great! we absolutely
love him! He is just the most adorable little boy! I just wanted to
let you know that we have decided to keep him named Brother
Bear. I took a couple of pictures and am attatching my favorites
so that you can see how he's doing, I hope you like them! I will
keep you posted, and thank you again for brother he will be a part
of our lives for a very long time!
Thanks again, Amber

Hey Karlene,

We are all home and safe. I gotta tell you that BooBoo who is now
Foxy Roxie ( Due to her cleverness, and foxy looks ) is just the
little lap warmer I've been wanting! She follows me everywhere,
and loves to lay on my lap and get belly rubs.  She guards
momma's lap fiercely! It's funny to watch the girls play together,
Fiz is so much more high energy and mouthy, while Foxy thinks
things through and just goes about getting things done. She is
ingenious in the way she can trick Fiz out of a chewy. They are so
funny!  They play very well together, however they have their very
own people and they will keep it that way it seems. No sharing of
your people seams to be the general rule among the two. So
funny! I love em both, but I really enjoy watching TV with my lil girl
snuggled up on my lap sleepin. She is the perfect dog for me! Fiz
is the perfect dog for Randy. We have the two most perfect girls
for our family! I can't thank you enough for both of them! I'll keep
in touch.

Thanks again,
I just wanted to send you a note regarding our experience with  Karlene Spearman and
Special Angels Pomeranians.
From beginning to where we are today our experience with Special Angels has been just
that, Special.  I cannot stress strongly enough how positive our experience has been.
From the care she took in flying our little "Karma" out to us, several follow up phone calls I
had with her when I had questions and our ongoing friendship that these precious little
angels have brought us.  Karma has been a delight and absolutely no health problems at
all. We have bred her to our male Pom and she is the worlds greatest Mom AND she is
stunningly gorgeous!  I cannot think of any negative things regarding dealing with Karlene,
and her little angels.  If you have any questions you can contact me here or on Facebook
under Sandy Duda.        Sincerely,  Sandy Duda
Six years ago, (2010) I decided to buy another pomeranian. At the time, I already had two
poms (neither were purchased from Karlene). Both of my dogs had serious health
problems, likely due to bad breeding practices. I loved them nonetheless, but I knew I
needed to take my time finding a reputable breeder before buying my next pom. I spent a
few weeks searching the internet for local breeders, as I intended to see my pup and its
living conditions before making a transaction. In the process, I came across Karlene's
Special Angels Pomeranians website.  Karlene had several puppies available at the time,
so my mom and then-boyfriend drove from Tallahassee, FL to Alabama just to see them.
All of Karlene's poms were housed inside her home. They looked healthy, as did the
puppies. We described the temperament we needed in our new puppy to Karlene, and
she helped identify the dogs that matched what we were looking for. I left her house with
a laid back, easy going pomeranian named Reese.  The two poms I had before Resse
have already passed on due to their health problems. Both deaths were devastating
because my dogs are my children. However, my experience with them highlighted the
importance of buying dogs from people with good breeding practices. Reese is the
healthiest dog I've ever owned, and I firmly believe it's because Karlene breeds
responsibly. Reese hasn't experienced any health problems so far, and that is a
blessing. He is smart, gentle, and loving. However, he can be a little hard headed
sometimes and doesn't ride well in the car. He is a great dog.
I can tell your with confidence that I would buy another dog from Karlene in the future.

Alisha Morgan
Tallahassee, FL