Get To Know Us Better
at Special Angels
Hello, my name is Karlene Spearman. I have been an "animal lover" since
the day I was born. So I guess it was inevitable that my life would always
revolve around animals.
My first real passion was for horses and I started riding at the age of 6. No
one in my immediate family was a "horse lover" but my parent's saw my
heart's desire and allowed me to take riding lessons.
I had many friends who had horses and a local Stable where you could "rent" a horse, so I was able to feed my passion. I
was never allowed to have one of my own until I graduated from college and was finally working a real job.  I bought my
first horse - a Quarter Horse/Arabian cross, named "Flame" - and the rest, as they say,  is history.............
After raising several breeds of Rabbits and Guinea Pigs as a child,  I had a love for raising "babies" from a very young age.
I started raising Huskies,  Malamutes and "bob-tailed" cats and finally my first horses, back in the early 1980's. I was
married at the time and my husband & I shared a love for the Appaloosa Horse and the Chow-Chow. I continued to raise
both Chow-Chows and Appaloosas for over 10 years. I still raise and show a few Appaloosas, but I stopped raising Chows
in favor of a bit smaller breed and that is where the Pomeranians came in. I got my very first Pom, Reagan, on Christmas
Day 1999 and I fell helplessly in love with the Breed. After raising a few litters of Papillons, also, I decided to concentrate
my efforts on raising the best Poms that I possibly can.
I  had my own Pet Grooming business for 30 years. I  bought my first business and became certified in 1985.  After
running my own shop for most of my career I moved into a  local Auburn Veterinarian Clinic where I spent my last 8 years  
and finally retired in 2011.  I now spend all my time raising my fur babies and love every minute of it!
Thanks for visiting us at Special Angels Pomeranians and please feel free to contact us with any questions or give us a
call and come by and see us.
Welcome to our home. Situated on 40 acres in rural Chambers County, AL
Mom & Dad on their
50th Wedding Anniversary
in 1994
My Sister, Brother and Myself with
Mom & Dad, 1994
Me and Domino in Alpharetta, Ga at the
National Appaloosa Show, 1983
Ladies Western Pleasure
Me & Ginger in Montgomery Colosseum, 1981
Ladies Western Pleasure
Me and Breakdown at the Super Show at the Montgomery Colosseum, 1980
Hunt Seat English Pleasure
Me with my first Pomeranian, Reagan, on
Christmas Day, 1999
Me and Dad with Reagan 2002
Our very first Special Angels litter.
Our second litter which consists of,
Reagan's & Nana's pups -  from left to right  
Treasure, TidBit & Junior.
Sally May
I also owned "Legendary Appaloosas" for 30
years where I raised and showed my
Appaloosa/Quarter Horses.  Finally retired
from the horse business in 2011.