It's Tough To Tell Them Apart.
But Something Sets Them Apart.
What really sets them apart?  Registration with the American Kennel Club.R
It's so much more than a piece of paper.  If you want a puppy that comes with
"papers", insist he comes with an AKC registration form.  By registering your
dog with the AKC, you support many vital health programs, such as the AKC
Canine Health Foundation, as well as crucial kennel inspections and the
monitoring of canine legislation.  And the AKC is the
only not-for-profit dog
registry that lets you trace parentage back to 1884.  So set your puppy apart,
right from the start.  Visit
akc.org to find out why an AKC registration is the
only registration in the USA that matters.

We're more than champion dogs. We're the dogs champion.         American
Kennel Club
Here are several articles that may help answer basic questions
you may have about raising your new puppy. Always consult
your Veterinarian if you are concerned about the seriousness of a
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