Questions and Answers

Please take the time to read through our Questions and Answers.
This page will answer nearly ALL of your questions and
probably some you didn't even know you had:)

Included here is info on shipping, vaccines, pricing, colors,
AKC registration questions....etc....

Q. Do you offer shipping???

We offer shipping to anywhere in the United States, using a personal "pet nanny" who
carries the pup on the plane with them.  We most often use Delta Airlines, but may use
another airline if necessary.
We actually prefer that our puppies be picked up directly from our home. This is so we can
meet your family, you can meet us and you can meet your puppy's parents and
see where your new baby was raised.
On rare occasions we will offer to meet someone at a mutually agreed upon location, but
for the most part we just cannot be away from home for long periods of time so this not
something we ordinarily do anymore.

Q. When can my new puppy come home with me?

Our puppies must be a minimum of 9 weeks old to leave the litter. Often a particularly small
puppy will have to stay with the litter until it is 12+ weeks old. We want to make sure that
our puppies are capable of eating well on their own and maintaining their blood sugar to
reduce the chances of hypoglycemia once they leave here.  

We also want to be sure that they are mature enough to handle the stress associated with
moving to a new home, leaving behind their mother and littermates, meeting new people &
animal friends, and experiencing different routines and living situations.

Pomeranians are a toy sized breed, they are delicate even as adults, by they are especially
fragile as puppies. Also, Pomeranian Puppies learn a great deal about how to be a great
companion dog from their mothers and if taken too soon, they don't learn certain skills. We
know how hard it is to wait for your new baby to come home, but please respect this policy
and understand why it is important for your puppy to remain here until 9+ weeks.

Q. How much do your pom puppies cost?

Our puppy's prices vary depending on pedigree, sex, color, and full or limited AKC
registration. Generally speaking puppies with the rarest, most exotic, most desirable, or
most frequently requested traits are going to have a higher value.
Lowest prices for example might be for larger black male (common color, bigger in size, and
male gender) Most expensive prices for example would be for a small, white female
(hardest to produce color and is the color, gender, and size most requested).
We usually wait until the pups are at least 4 weeks old before we evaluate them and put a
price on them.
Additional details on prices available upon request.

Q. Are your puppies vet checked before going to their new homes?

A. YES! All of our puppies are vet checked by our regular vet (at 6 & 9 weeks old). If any
defect or illness is found at the vet exam, you will be given the chance to choose another
puppy of equal value or pay the difference for a more expensive puppy. (Please see
deposit contract for details). All of our puppies are de-wormed by us at 2,4,6,8 and 10
weeks old (with NEMEX, Panacur or Drontal). Our puppies are bathed, brushed and
groomed weekly (to keep their coats clean and healthy and to get them used to being
groomed). We treat your puppy with a flea preventative (Frontline) just prior to going home
to ensure our puppies come flea free. Your puppy will have received
at least one (1) set of
by 9 weeks of age and will need additional sets (plus rabies) to ensure full
immunity to the most common viruses.

Q. Why should I choose Special Angels Pomeranians as my breeder?

If you value integrity and are looking for an ethical hobby breeder you've found us. Unlike
backyard breeders, our breeding stock are not just our pets, they were hand picked for
their pedigree's, physical traits and dispositions and come from
reputable and responsible breeders. We do not in-breed. We only breed our girls when
they are mature and capable of raising a litter successfully. Our girls are not bred on every
heat. We are involved in every step of the breeding, whelping and raising process, this
means that not only do our puppies receive top quality care, it means we know each puppy
very well and can help place the right one with the right family. Our puppies are our babies
and we will happily keep any of our puppies if we aren't able to find it the right home.

Q. Are your puppies considered toy, teacup or mico mini pomeranian's?

To answer this question is first to know that Pomeranian's are a Toy Breed. There is no
such thing as a "mico mini" or teacup. Poms standard weight is 4 to 7 lbs. Some are smaller
and some larger. We aim to breed standard sizes and most of our puppies will fit these
standards, however occasionally puppies will be less than 4 lbs or more than 7lbs as
adults. We can not guarantee adult weight for our puppies. We do our best to track and
estimate each puppies adult weight using our
standard puppy weight chart.

Q. Do your puppies have teddy bear faces, baby doll faces or fox faces?

The breed standard calls for a "fox like" snout, however we find all the faces equally
adorable and raise adults that can produce any of these faces. A "Fox Face" is a longer,
narrow snout. A "Baby Doll Face" is a slightly wider, slightly shorter snout, this is in
between a fox face and a teddy face. A "Teddy Face" is a very short and often very wide
muzzle, giving the Pom a bear like appearance. We try our best to identify the face on our
puppies, but we cannot guarantee the face your puppy will mature with.

Q. Are your puppies AKC registered?

100% of our Poms are registered with the American Kennel Club (AKC). It is the only
registry we register our puppies with. We do NOT breed unregistered dogs. All of our Sires
are DNA certified with the AKC. 100% OF OUR PUPPIES COME WITH AKC PAPERS
(Most come with PET rights, some do come with breeding rights but only to approved show
or hobby breeder homes).  

Q. What's the difference between full or limited AKC papers?

Limited AKC means you do not plan to show or breed your new Pom and the limited box will
be checked off on your registration application which will restrict both.

Full AKC means that you plan to either show or breed the puppy and need  full registration.
Not all puppies will qualify for full registration.

Please see puppy contract for more info on registration rights.

Q. How much should I feed my new puppy?

These little ones need to eat and drink so not to get hypoglycemia which is common if the
pom does not eat regularly. We free feed all of our puppies as well as keep fresh water
available at all times. Hypoglycemia is almost always preventable so make sure
you monitor your puppy's eating habits.

Q. Do I have to give more puppy shots, how many?

YES!!! When you purchase a puppy you are given a vaccination record showing when the
next series is due. IT IS VERY IMPORTANT to keep all scheduled vaccinations to keep
your pet healthy and safe!  We vaccinate our puppies every 3
-4 weeks after they are
8-9 weeks old up to 12 weeks old/or 16 weeks old.

Q. Can I let my new puppy go outside or to the dog park?

No! Until ALL puppy vaccinations are completed at 16 weeks of age, it is best to keep your
new puppy away from parks, grassy areas, other animals, and from chewing on shoes
which can carry diseases as well. You can designate an area in your yard and cover it with
newspapers or a wee wee pad. Use a pet stroller if you must take your puppy with you.

Q. Can my new puppy change color?

Yes, Sables do change coat color as they go through the puppy uglies stage. Other colors
may change as well. We cannot guarantee adult coat color, length or texture but we do our
best to identify the color of our puppies and give an educated guess as to what they will
look like as adults based on the parents and of how past puppies turned out.

Q. Why does my 4 month old puppy not look so fluffy?

All Poms go through the uglies stage. That is where the cute little 8 week old fur ball goes
through a transformation. The adult coat usually starts to come in around 8 months or
longer in some poms. It is normal.

Q. What makes for a better pet..male or female?

See our Males vs. Females page.

Q. What age should I spay/neuter my new pom puppy?

For males we recommend a minimum of 6mths old and for females a minimum of 8 mths old.
I personally believe you should wait until your puppy is at least a year old and through
growing before you spay or neuter.

Q. Are Poms good with children?

Although Pomeranians can make excellent family dogs, most  Poms will be too small to live
safely with young children. If you have children we recommend a larger pom for the safety
of the dog. Our puppies get plenty of TLC and are used to being around people as well as
household noise, T.V., music, visitors, etc. Our pups have puppy playpens where
they get to romp and play and see what is going on around them when they are
not out with us.

Q. How does your waiting list work?

We get this question often.
We always have first pick if we should decide to keep a new puppy. The waiting list is
notified after the first families (families with a deposit) are notified. If they do not choose a
puppy, it will be listed on our available puppies page. We get a lot of people who like a
puppy but want to wait until it gets older to see how it is going to turn out, please
understand we cannot hold a puppy without a deposit so they will still be listed as available.

Q. Do you breed pomapoos or other designer dogs?

ABSOLUTELY NOT!  We raise ONLY AKC Pomeranian's! No mixed breeds. Poms are
very dear to our heart and they require all of our love and devotion.

Q. Can you guarantee my puppy will only grow to be a certain  size?

No, it is impossible to tell at such a young age. We have seen tiny pom puppies grow up to
be 6 lbs and larger pom puppies stop growing and turn out to be 4 lbs! There are always
throw backs in lines so sometimes you get a larger pom over 7 lbs and sometimes a tiny
pom under 4 lbs! There are MANY benefits to a slightly larger Pom, such as lower risk for
hypoglycemia, leg breaks, trachea injuries and safer play with children.

Q. Can you breed a merle to a merle?

NEVER! Merles can be tricky if you do not know about them. Even some pups born to a
merle parent that do not look to be a merle can actually be a phantom or hidden merle.
Breeding merle to merle can cause puppies to be deaf and blind. Merle puppies that were
bred safely are just as healthy as any other color, but beware of merles out of two merle
parents. We do not have any merle in any of our bloodlines and do not intentionally breed
for this characteristic.

Q. I do not plan on breeding my new puppy but would like full AKC papers

We can not do that. It is our experience that if you want full AKC registration you plan on
breeding the puppy. Most pet families are not interested in papers at all, only their new
baby. So please, be honest and upfront when contacting us about one of our babies. We
are happy to sell breeding quality puppies to hobby breeder homes-but you may have to
answer more questions and/or we may have to do a home visit. We do NOT want our
babies going to pet stores, puppy mills or to inexperienced/unprofessional breeders.

Q. I was wondering how often you email pictures of the new puppy we just bought?

We know how very exciting it is to see your new baby grow and develop over the next 8
weeks. We try to update the site with new pictures every week util your new baby goes
home, but it is hard sometimes. But we are always here to give updates and answer any
questions you may have about your new puppy.

Q. What is the best way to housebreak my new puppy?

We start puppy pad training when the pups are 4 weeks of age. I usually do not use wee
wee pads or newspaper with litters because these little guys tear it to shreds! We use the
cloth bed pads like the ones used in Nursing homes and hospitals. You should never let
your new baby run around unattended where they may have an accident. Remember they
can not hold their little bladders. You can continue with the paper training or wee wee pad
for just one puppy and as they are ready to go outside to potty, move it closer to the
door and on the area in the yard they are suppose to relieve themselves. They are very
smart little dogs and get the hang of it with persistence. Several of my new puppy parents
have told me what a great job I did starting out the potty training!

Q. How much do you require to hold a puppy?

I require non-refundable and non-transferable deposit to hold your puppy with the balance
due in full by 8 weeks of age. Unless otherwise stated, the deposit is $
When I receive a deposit that puppy is listed as PENDING and is no longer available. Once
the balance has been paid, the puppy is listed as SOLD.

Q. What exotic colors do you have?

Please visit my Pomeranian Color Chart page to see the colors possible. We have a very
small breeding program, so we may not have all the colors available,
but we do try to offer a range of colors.

We only want FOREVER homes for our Poms ~ If you do not plan on making one of our
babies part of your family forever, please do not contact us. They deserve all the love and
attention in the world, and they will give so much back by being a beautiful and loving
companion that will ALWAYS be there for you.  

They Deserve No Less!